Friday, April 10, 2015

Life is a Process, as is Art

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My New Year's Resolution was to SIMPLIFY. Although life with a toddler is definitely chaotic at times (now with baby #2 on the way!), I figured that I could simplify other things in my life to balance all of that wonderful chaos. I had to come up with an Action Plan. First, I need to ORGANIZE -- organize papers and finances and art supplies, closets and boxes and drawers, both at home and the studio. It's definitely an on-going process. Another part of the Action Plan is to PURGE things that I don't use or need. I've started posting art supplies and tools on my Facebook page, so stay tuned for other wonderful random things! I will also be having a joint garage sale in May or June with a friend at the house. The last part of my Action Plan is to TRANSITION. As a mom / artist / educator / gallery owner, I wear a lot of hats. Although I love each of these roles, I realize that part of simplifying means aligning what I am doing with my goals. I would love to get my MFA, but that means that I need to MAKE ART, a whole body of it.

So, how do I afford the time, when so much energy is spent elsewhere?

My new studio space. #makeitwork
I've decided to close the gallery at 27 Subway. It's been a difficult decision, but a relief in a lot of ways . . . Heather Green Studios will still exist, but in a different form -- perhaps online? Undoubtedly, closing the gallery has opened new doors. I am excited to announce that I am now a Central School Project artist! The space is solely dedicated to the creation of art. I can also continue programming and curating interesting shows, but with the help of other artists.

This Saturday, April 11th, is my last Bisbee After 5 as a gallery owner. I'm privileged to have Zoya Greene's "Bisbee People Portrait Collection" on the walls -- it's a beautiful way to close a wonderful 4 1/2 years. Although I find myself in the midst of a lot of transition, but am open to letting go and accepting of new opportunities.

Monday, January 12, 2015

CALL to ARTISTS: Mail Art Exchange

Is your New Year's Resolution to create more art? Here is the perfect opportunity to make art, AND have your work on display in a gallery for the public during an artwalk. Heather Green Studios and The Collective Gallery @ The Artery present "To Phoenix with Love/To Bisbee with Love," a Mail Art Exchange show.

Mail Art (aka Postal Art or Correspondence Art) is simply small-scale artwork that is sent through the US Postal Service. The postmark completes the artwork! Mail art can be as simple as a postcard, or can be something more complex that folds out and incorporates the envelope or outer packaging as art in some way.


Simply create a work of art that can fit into the mail slot at the Artery or a standard post office box in Bisbee (info below). The theme for the show is open-ended, meaning that the content of your work can be anything. Stamp your art and send it through the US Postal Service to the respective gallery by the postmark date. Include your name, a price (if for sale, include a 10% commission), and contact information. All unsold work from each show will be boxed and shipped to the other gallery for artist pick-up once the show concludes. You can send as many pieces as you like.


"To Phoenix with Love" will be on display at The Collective Gallery @ The Artery for the February 7th First Friday Artwalk. Artwork must fold down to fit through the mail slot, which measures 8" across, and 1 1/2" high. Postmark deadline is February 2, 2015. Send Mail Art to:

The Collective Gallery @ The Artery
623 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85012

"To Bisbee with Love" will be on display at Heather Green Studios for the February 14th Bisbee After 5 Artwalk. Artwork must fit into an extra small post office box (3" x 5 1/2" x 14 3/4"). Postmark deadline is February 9, 2015. Send Mail Art to:

Heather Green Studios
c/o Sean Flynn
PO Box 1475
Bisbee, AZ 85603

POSTMARK DEADLINE is February 9, 2015.

I'm excited to collaborate with The Collective Gallery and exchange work between Phoenix & Bisbee artists. If you live in Tucson, Flagstaff, out of state, etc., feel free to participate and send work to either location, or BOTH if you choose! Just be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope (big enough for your art with enough postage) to return your art in the mail. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#TipJarTuesday: Put a Twist on It!

Click for Entry Forms!
Late last week, I put out a Call to Arizona Artists on social media for my annual anniversary show taking place in November. Every year, the theme is derived from traditional wedding anniversary gifts. At four years, flowers, fruit, and candy are customarily given, which are also traditional subject matter in still life paintings throughout art history. Because this theme is so conventional, I'm writing this "Tip Jar Tuesday" blog post in hopes the submissions are anything but. Here are some recommendations to make your work stand out:

Change of Scenery: Instead of a bowl of fruit or vase of flowers on a table, recreate a scene from the market, or the kitchen, or a park, or a field . . . the possibilities are endless!

"Predicament" by Marcela C. Lubian
Change the Subject: Swap the subject matter so that the flowers, fruit, candy are secondary, or become background imagery. For instance, a butterfly can be the focal point in a garden. Or, less obvious, render a woman in a floral print dress, or paint fruit on a breakfast plate in a diner scene.

Alter Your Perspective: By adjusting your vantage point, you create interest. Movie explosions are exciting because they are edited to be seen from a wide variety of camera angles. As the artist, consider your subject matter 
close-up, from the side, from above or below, framed through a window or door, etc. Engage the audience with a unique view. Look at work by Edward Hopper and Georgia O'Keefe for inspiration. 

Shape-Shift: One of the requirements of the show is that all work must have outer dimensions of 12"x12". Consider painting on a circle or turning the canvas on a point so it becomes a diamond. Three-dimensional works and pieces that extend beyond the square are also welcome. Just remember that frames are included in the outer dimensions. 
CLICK HERE to see some variations on the square from the very first anniversary show.

It's a Material World: The materials you use can shift the way we see the subject matter. Replace soft petals by creating flowers out of steel. Give fruit a new texture by covering it in fur or push pins. Collage papers to build up your image. Use a wonky pallet to create a frame for a mini paintings, or paint on found wood or metal. I love interesting textures and the use of found objects in art. 

"Pods I" encaustic with cheese cloth by Antoinette Walker

Attach It: Why not paint on top of candy wrappers or rose petals, incorporate rubbings of a rosette from a tombstone, or embed seeds in wax? Alternately, dye canvas or fabric with berries and pomegranates. Flowers, fruit, or candy can be part of your process.

Style It
: Make it kitschy or geometric, text-based, or impressionist. Whatever you do, don't make it boring. 

"Coronado Memorial" oil on canvas by Jeff Henley

Tickle the Funny BoneBe tongue-in-cheek, witty, or humorous within the parameters of the theme. Word play is another access point for creating great art. CLICK HERE for examples from the second anniversary show! 
Be SymbolicThe Hubster and I planted a vegetable garden together in the back yard to celebrate our four year wedding anniversary. It was poetic, tending to our garden in the way we tended to our marriage. A lot of love, problem-solving, and hard work went into both, and the rewards sweet. Do the same with your art.
Be Impeccable: If you must render flowers or fruit realistically, do it flawlessly. Make it gorgeous, lively, yummy, fragrant . . . Entrance the audience so that they have no choice but to fall in love and take it home with them.

Need more inspiration?

Check out some of the photos from past Anniversary exhibitions:

PAPER ANNIVERSARY CLICK HERE for images of the very first exhibition opening reception. Many of the artists posed for me next to their pieces! 
CLICK HERE for descriptions of some of my favorite pieces on the blog. 

COTTON ANNIVERSARY CLICK HERE for pictures of the artwork hung in the gallery!
LEATHER ANNIVERSARY CLICK HERE for pictures of the artists next to their work at the opening reception! 

For updates about the show, please follow the CALL to Artists on Facebook.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

CALL TO ARTISTS: Leather Anniversary

I'm proud to announce my THIRD ANNUAL Juried Exhibition to commemorate the 3rd Anniversary of Heather Green Studios! I officially opened to the public at 27 Subway St. in Old Bisbee on November 13, 2010, and have been having a blast ever since. And, I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to invite other artists to submit their work for an eclectic, one-of-a-kind show.

The show is titled Leather Anniversary, and is my way of thanking my husband for all of his love and support. (Leather is the traditional gift to give couples who are celebrating their third year of marriage. Naming anniversary show titles after wedding gifts has become a fun tradition.) In a way, the title is a gift to him. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have rented the studio or submitted paperwork for a business license if the Hubster hadn't moved the process along. 

Prospectus and Entry Forms available HERE.


Although the title might suggest otherwise, artists are NOT required to incorporate leather in the artwork. Bonus points, though, for artists who do! It really is a treat to see witty use of leather imagery, or interesting ways of integrating the material into the piece. Here are a couple of pieces from last year's Cotton Anniversary show that used cotton:

SEE? He stuffed him with cotton!
"Warm & Fuzzy Inside" by Alan Potter

"Cotton Gin" by Kristofer Newton
Clever pun!

"The Virgin de Guadalupe in the Cotton Field" by Art Smith
(I LOVE the use of mixed media -- and how the cotton
is in the IMAGERY . . . nice play on hard & soft.)
"Cotton Field" by Kaia Thomas
This artist actually went on a quest to find cotton fields,
and painted them in oils beautifully.
Here is more info on her process, including a video! 
For this show, SIZE is key . . . I am working within a grid, and having consistency with size is how I am able to curate a cohesive exhibition out of seemingly disparate pieces. 

from the "Paper Anniversary" exhibit by
Sharon Lee
Artists may submit up to 3 pieces with outer dimensions measuring 12" x 12" (including the frame, if have one) OR 
1 piece that measures 36" x 36" . . . Do you see why? Artists would be submitting 3 feet of artwork in honor of 3 years in business! As part of the stipulations, work will be priced by size (the general public does not always understand why some pieces might be more or less than others, especially with such a wide variety of media, subject matter, and styles). 
All 12" x 12" pieces will be priced at $125, including my 20% commission. 
The 36" x 36" works will be priced at $375, also including a 20% commission.

Artwork does NOT have to be an exact square either! Alan Potter has been fulfilling size requirements with ceramic raku sculptures (as you can see above) without submitting a cube. A couple of artists have used found wood and metal that has irregular edges that might be slightly askew, but "fits" the specified 12" x 12" parameters. In 2011, Sharon Lee submitted a circular piece!

Luckily, artwork does NOT have to be wired to hang, although that is helpful! Art on paper that is not framed will be attached to the wall with magnets. Work that is mounted or matted will be hung with 3M removeable poster tabs. If you are submitting sculpture, please contact me in advance ( or 520-678-1134 ) to discuss pedestal and base options. You may need to provide a base . . .

Panoramic view of 2012 "Cotton Anniversary" Exhibition 
Panoramic view of 2011 "Paper Anniversary" Exhibition
Please carefully look over all of the dates and nitty gritty details on the prospectus. If you have a question or concern, or need to make alternate drop off/pick-up arrangements, please contact me. This exhibition is juried to ensure quality work and to ensure a cohesive show (DESPITE the wide variety). 

Prospectus and Entry Forms available HERE.

Who will SEE this Exhibition?

The exhibit will be on view during the BEST time of year for Bisbee foot traffic. In addition to normal gallery hours (and any appointments people make), the gallery will be open for special events. The opening reception will be Friday, the day BEFORE the Bisbee After 5 Artwalk. The Artwalk occurs on the Second Saturday of each month. Thus, the exhibit will receive a lot of attention for the whole weekend. ALSO, Subway Street will be closed off for a BLOCK PARTY on Saturday put on by Hydra Clothing who will be opening a Bisbee store that day! What does that mean? Lots of foot traffic for those of us on Subway! BONUS!

Thanksgiving weekend is a HUGE weekend for tourism and for locals in Bisbee. The Women's Club will host the 31st Annual Historic Home Tour and 12th Annual Art Chair Auction, which draws a lot of people into town (and out of the house!). Also, the City of Bisbee will have a full day of events for families during the Annual Festival of Lights (ornament craft for kids, performances, food and craft vendors, and Santa!). Bisbee After 5 joins the city by sponsoring "Small Town Holiday," which includes an artwalk, a window decorating contest, raffle prizes, and horse-drawn buggy rides!

The show will close on the December Bisbee After 5, which is PRIME for holiday gift shopping. The artwalk theme is "Handcrafted Holiday." I will be inviting additional vendors to sell their wares in the gallery, such as the illustrious Madame Magpie (who sells Shiny Things), to attract additional foot traffic and attention to the show.

The show will receive a lot of press and social media attention as well. Press Releases will be sent out to local newspapers, Tucson Weekly, the Bisbee After 5 and Heather Green Studios e-newsletter lists, Facebook, Twitter, and G+ accounts, as well as flyers and postcards around town and passed out by artists. Additionally, I will ask that each participating artist send information out to their mailing lists and social media outlets. 

Past Anniversary Exhibitions

Need more inspiration? Check out some of the photos from

PAPER ANNIVERSARY CLICK HERE for images of the very first exhibition opening reception. Many of the artists posed for me next to their pieces! 

COTTON ANNIVERSARY CLICK HERE for pictures of the artwork hung in the gallery!

For updates about the show, please follow the CALL to Artists on Facebook.

Monday, August 5, 2013

FOUND: New Work by Alan Potter

As I await my little nugget's arrival (I am 40 weeks pregnant!), I find myself grateful for the opportunity to begin a new chapter in my life as a full time mommy/artist. I am also grateful to have the support of wonderful friends, such as fellow artist Alan Potter. Alan is taking over my studio for a month, allowing me a bit of a maternity leave. I'm really excited about the exhibition he has created, and hope you support Alan by attending the Opening Reception:
Saturday, August 10th 
from 5 to 8 pm

Each sculpture in this exhibit incorporates an object found and kept by someone else . . . items found randomly on the sidewalk, on a hike, or other places, usually of little value, yet compelling in some way. Potter's self-imposed challenge was to create a ceramic sculpture that showcased the objects and stories given to him by others. This exhibition proves he does so with both wit and creativity. 

Meet Mr. Rawlings, "One High-Strung Individual"

I gave Alan the vintage tennis racket -- bent, but beautiful, found in a freebie bin for sculpture students at my college. I have been holding onto this racket for over a decade now, wanting to incorporate it into some sculpture, or, at minimum, to use it for part of a still life drawing. I just never quite figured out how to make it work in my art. When Alan came to me with his exhibit idea, I knew it was time to let the racket go.

Talk About "Enlightenment"

I LOVE found object sculpture, and had a wonderful preview of some of the works. Here is one that showcases Alan's wit -- the person who donated the fuse is a collector of Buddah statues. It also actually lights up! I'm excited to see it in the little alcove in the front gallery where the fountain usually sits, creating almost a makeshift shrine.

"FOUND" will be on view at Heather Green Studios, 27 Subway Street, through Saturday, September 14th. Both the open and close of the show fall on the Bisbee After 5 artwalk!


Saturdays 10 - 6
Sundays 11 - 4
by Appointment -- contact Alan -- (520) 664-5529
or e-mail him at
You can view more of Alan's better-known works at PanTerra Gallery on Main Street, or click on this link!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Heather Green Studios by the Numbers

I'm always in such awe as to how much love my studio, artwork, and artistic endeavors receive . . . Looking back, I'm sincerely grateful for a successful 2012. Here is a peek at my world, by the numbers:

10 Projects Outside the Studio:



4x6 Exchange 2
The Map Project
Photo Response Project (responding to #2 -- AZ ripples -- "The Great Tree of Arizona" a huge old cottonwood at the San Pedro Riparian)
Hosted Bottle Cap Art for the
Altered Books 2 Exhibit & Silent Auction
Inside/Outside Home and Garden Show (group show) at SAM*POE Gallery

Art Auction and Fundraiser for Bisbee Art Teachers (this piece sold)
and added my homage to Ben Dale's Bisbee sculptures with my part of the "Angel Alley" mural on Shearer Ave.

3 Classes Taught (not including my day job):
Private Charcoal Lessons
 Experimental Pastel Class (in-studio)
 Learning to See: Charcoal Drawing (at Cochise College)

1 Class Taken:
I took an etching class with Karen Kyler at Cochise College (Sierra Vista Campus) to allocate time and get my press moving again! It was fantastic.

Click HERE for more images of etchings from the class! 

4 Group Shows at Heather Green Studios:

Birthday Bash for AZ (4 artists)
The Dog (& Cat) Days of Summer (4 artists)

hosting Plein Air Painters (2 artists)
Cotton Anniversary (26 artists, 46 pieces)

14 Events:
In addition to all of the classes and group shows . . .
Bisbee After 5 every Second Saturday!
Fundraising for Lowell and Greenway Art Students

Wall Musings (6 artists)

Mother's Day, Pirate Weekend, and Handcrafted Holiday

Masked: Solo Show of Silver City Artist Timothy Hasenstein

9 E-Newsletters:
Ended 2012 with 295 people receiving e-mails
Join Here!
373 Tweets:

373 Tweets in 2012
117 Twitter Followers
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219 Pins: 
20 Boards
219 Pins in 2012
127 new Followers
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9 YouTube Videos:
2 subscribers
1,445 video views in 2012
 Most viewed Video: How to Print a Linoleum Block

8 Blog Posts:
I was slacking this year.   :/
(but it's because I created and upkept the Bisbee After 5 website -- it has several pages check it out)

3,810 Pageviews in 2012
Most Popular post: Wall Musings
240 Facebook Likes:

91 added in 2012
63 Check-Ins
14 Events
*Facebook is the most effective way to keep up with everything I am doing!
I'm looking forward to some big (and little!) changes to my life and studio in 2013. Stay Tuned!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cotton Anniversary: CALL TO ARTISTS

I'm very blessed to be in Bisbee, among a wonderful community of artists and creatives. November marks the two-year anniversary since Heather Green Studios opened to the public at 27 Subway. To celebrate, I am continuing the tradition of inviting artists to submit artwork for an exhibition. Last year, artists submitted work that measured 11"x11" and had a paper element for my "Paper Anniversary." This year, for my "Cotton Anniversary," the only parameter is that all pieces must measure 12"x12" -- all media, subject matter, and styles are welcome. Click here for entry forms.

Although the parameters are "square," I welcome variations on the theme.

Last year, Sharon Lee submitted a circular work whose diameter was in keeping with the dimensions. Alan Potter entered work that was three-dimensional, and satisfied the measurements of height and width without being a cube.

Works that are accepted in this exhibition will have some great coverage and traffic. The exhibit will open on Saturday, November 10th and end on Saturday, December 8th, which both fall on the night of the Bisbee After 5 artwalk. Furthermore, the exhibit will be part of the Bisbee After 5 Small Town Holiday artwalk over the Thanksgiving weekend. Many visitors will be in town for the 30th Annual Historic Home Tour and 11th Annual Art Chair Auction.
"Cotton Anniversary" will also have coverage in the local newspapers and via social media, including e-newsletters, facebook, twitter, and google+, through Heather Green Studios, Bisbee After 5, and the Bisbee Enclave!
Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions! Entry forms are available at the studio, on the bulletin board outside the Bisbee post office, and online.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Masked: Work by Timothy Hasenstein

Do masks conceal, or reveal? Answer this age-old question as you view artwork by Silver City, NM artist Timothy Hasenstein at Heather Green Studios this month. As a former art instructor and artist-in-residence in Minnesota, having worked with kids and adults alike, Hasenstein understands the transformative nature of masks, and their universal appeal. He says that most people's first instinct is to place one of his masks over their faces. I agree -- there something both magical and mysterious about the experience of interacting with masks. My junior high art students are currently in the middle of a mask unit, which is always met with curiosity and excitement. They will be taking a field trip to see this exhibit while the work is up!

Hasenstein often uses natural and found or discarded materials to create his masks and sculptures. It references the conventional practice that cultures throughout the world and throughout history use materials that are abundantly available to make masks. This practice also fits into the modern and contemporary practice of artists "upcycling" objects to create art. Hasenstein will collect natural objects found while hiking. He also finds remnants of man-made materials, such as foamcore, lace, and cardboard that are being discarded at frame shops, construction sites, and even the dumpster.

Join us for the Artist's Opening Reception during the Bisbee After 5 "Saints Souls, & Skeletons" Artwalk on Saturday, October 13th from 5 to 8 pm. Meet Timothy Hasenstein and discuss your view of masks, and whether they reveal or conceal. You are also invited to view the exhibit through a couple of the animal masks and take photographs with friends! Special guest singer/songwriter Ruth Elaine Giegerich will perform her original contemporary folk music throughout the evening. Light refreshments will also be provided.

"Masked" will run from Saturday, October 13th through Saturday, November 3rd during regular gallery hours (Fridays & Saturdays from Noon until 5 pm) and by appointment. See photos from the exhibit and reception on my Facebook page!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I'm offering a few new workshops through the Cochise College Center for Lifelong Learning. These classes are a great way to explore an interest at a reasonable price without a lot of commitment, and have some fun at the same time!


September 22nd from 9 AM to 12 PM in Old Bisbee -- $35

Explore Old Bisbee with a sketchbook! The historic architecture, old staircases, colorful artwork, and quirky characters practically invite you to draw them. Sketchbooks are a great way to document your experiences while honing your drawing skills. In this workshop, participants will learn about types of sketchbooks, portable media, and ways to use both in a personal and creative way while discovering Old Bisbee on foot. Students must bring their own sketchbook, pencil, eraser, and any portable art media they choose (pen, colored pencils, pastels, pan watercolor, etc.) This class is for students at all levels of their art exploration. Class meets at Heather Green Studios located at 27 Subway St. Bisbee.
Sign up here or call (520)515-5492.

Saturday, October 6th & 13th from 9 AM to 1 PM in Sierra Vista -- $59*

Discover how artists convert what they “see” onto paper in realistic and expressive ways. Demonstrations and hands-on activities will change the way you approach your art, while honing your observation skills and establishing a toolbox of traditional and experimental drawing techniques. Rendering objects in charcoal has never been easier. *Students can either purchase a materials kit from the instructor for $35 or bring their own materials. Call 515-5492 for a materials list. Cochise College, Sierra Vista Campus room 401.
Sign up here or call (520)515-5492.

Saturday, October 20th from 9 AM to 3:30 PM in Sierra Vista -- $55*

Create bold, decorative artwork with this basic relief printing technique. In this workshop, participants will learn how to plan, carve, and print multiple images to make greeting cards using a linoleum block. This ancient medium is easy enough for beginners, yet challenging enough for experienced artists. Once learned, this skill can be enjoyed for a lifetime! Bring a sack lunch, snacks and something to drink. There will be a 30 min lunch break. *There is a required $45 kit fee to be paid to instructor at the beginning of class. ALSO, there is a $5 Early Bird Discount available. Cochise College, Sierra Vista Campus room 404.
Sign up here or call (520)515-5492.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dog (& Cat) Days of Summer

Join us in celebrating our four-legged friends during the next Bisbee After 5 artwalk! Local artists Jan Searle, Sharon Lee, Amber Spring Wakeman, and Chris Bovee are exhibiting work dedicated to man's (and woman and child's) best friends.

Artist's Opening Reception will take place Saturday, July 14th from 5 to 8 pm. Enjoy treats for canines, felines, and humans too. "Dog tags" will also be given away as Bisbee After 5 "Salutes Our Military." The exhibit will remain open through Saturday, August 4th during regular gallery hours and by appointment.

oil on paper by Jan Searle

I am honored to have Jan Searle return to the gallery with her incredible work in oils and pastels. Jan is well-known in Bisbee for landscapes, cloudscapes, and portraiture. During the Wall Musings event I held in March, she documented people on the wall with quick gesture drawings and oil pastels throughout the day. No doubt, her pet portraiture is just as lovely. Jan Searle is a member of the Central School Project and the Tang Gallery Cooperative. 
acrylic on metal food lid by Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee is a gallery favorite, having also participated in the Wall Musings event and my Paper Anniversary exhibit. I love her primitive/naivete style and the bright, bold colors that she uses. I am also enamored with her use of found objects and mixed media in some of her paintings. In a way, the discarded object has lost its original function, but is repurposed into an object of contemplation. Sharon's work is often seen at The Spirit Gallery.

acrylic by Amber Wakeman
Amber Spring Wakeman's "Spotted in Bisbee" series is the inspiration behind this exhibit. These playful paintings feature area dogs and cats (and the occasional bird) against an Old Bisbee backdrop. The titles are just as playful and witty as the images, and are part of the fun. It's no wonder people have asked for a quirky pet portrait of their own pets. You also need to check out the matting and framing on her work -- she is Bisbee's resident framing expert.

pastel sketch by Chris Bovee
I'm also thrilled to have Chris Bovee's whimsical drawings and mixed-media pieces. Chris's work has been seen at the Subway Gallery, and she participates in a local Sunday "Drink and Draw" gathering of artists. She is a also a gifted musician, having played in several bands. Soft pastels are a relatively new medium for Chris, and I'm please to say that she had a lovely pastel landscape for my Paper Anniversary exhibit.